What is reCAPTEHA?

CAPTEHA: Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Elves and Humans Apart.

reCAPTEHA is a service created by Alabaster Snowball for the North Pole that helps protect websites from Humans and The Krampus. A “CAPTEHA” is a Turing test to tell elves and humans apart. It is easy for an elf to solve because elves are magical creatures that work on holiday related objects year-round and can spot and click hundreds of holiday items per second. However, non-elves (like humans) will find it nearly impossible to visualize, correctly identify and click holiday items fast enough before the time runs out. Adding reCAPTEHA to a North Pole site enables North Pole site administrators to protect systems that only elves should be able to access. You only need to solve the CAPTEHA challenge once per session and not for each and every subsequent HTTP request.